2018 AFCEA TechNet Mid-America Cyberspace Symposium
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Call for Presentations

The 2018 AFCEA Mid-America Cyberspace Symposium Planning Committee welcomes submission of presentations in the area of information technology, cyber security, electronics, computers, communication, and other related areas.

Who Should Submit

If you are a leader in industry or government developing practical solutions to challenges in information technology, communications, and logistics that would help the DoD, then consider submitting a presentation.

Topics of Interest by Track

Track 1 -- Cloud Migration
  • Start with Data
  • Governance
  • Acquisition Process (Other Transactional Authority)
  • Application Rationalization
  • Training
  • Organizational Culture

Track 2 -- Cloud Security
  • Identity Access Management / Privileged User Management
  • Encryption
  • Secure Cloud Computing Architecture
  • STIG Automation
  • Moving Security to the Left...Baked In
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Continuous Multifactor Authentication / Assured Identity

Track 3 -- Cloud Resiliency
  • Monitoring and Dashboarding
  • Data Center Availability
  • GovCloud / MILCLOUD2.0
  • Agility and Scalability
  • Incident Management


  • Each submission should include the following:
    • Track selection
    • Brief title
    • Presenter name, title, organization (if more than one presenter you will be given the opportunity to included name and contact information for additional presenters)
    • Presenter Bio: No more than 100 words. If there is more than one presenter they will be asked to provide their bio.
    • Session Description: No more than 150 words. If this presentation is selected, this content will be used in the symposium program.
    • Abstract: This information will be used to determine if your submission will be accepted. You may provide your abstract as text (800 word max) or uploaded as documents.
  • No information presented during the symposium shall exceed the "For Public Dissemination" classification.
  • It is the responsibility of the presenter to determine if their information requires security, legal, foreign disclosure and public affairs review by their organization.
  • Laptops and projectors will be provided for each presentation.
  • Presentations must be informational. No sales pitch presentations will be accepted.
  • We ask that industry speakers at the Symposium sponsor an item or exhibit at the Symposium. For more information on exhibiting please contact Laurie Powell at LPowell@eventPower.com or call 703-740-1940.