Continuing Education

Maintain Certifications While Attending the Conference

AFCEA’s Continuing Education (CE) program is specifically targeted to support maintenance of cybersecurity certifications related to DoD 8570.01-M compliance. Many AFCEA event sessions and courses are approved for CompTIA continuing education units (CEUs), GIAC continuing professional education (CPEs), and/or CertNexus continuing education credits (CECs).

Event sessions may also support (ISC)2, National Contract Management Association (NCMA), Project Management Institute (PMI), GAGAS, and Defense Acquisition Workforce continuing education and/or certification maintenance requirements. Please check AFCEA International and AFCEA chapter event websites for more information about specific sessions and courses.

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The AFCEA Advantage

Official attendance documentation is a benefit for AFCEA members at many AFCEA International and chapter events. If we provide formal attendance documentation in support of an event you must attend the entire session qualifying for CompTIA CEUs, GIAC CPEs, and/or CertNexus CECs to request attendance documentation.

On exiting the session, get your event badge scanned or attendance otherwise formally recorded so that we can document your attendance. We will normally email documentation of your attendance within four weeks following the event. Please be sure your email account will accept email from the domain

Note: All attendees, including non-AFCEA members, will be able to see a list of the sessions they attended and scanned for within their attendee portal. Non-AFCEA members may also qualify for CEUs, however it is up to those attendees to contact their issuing organization to determine credits available for participating in the Conference.

2023 Continuing Education Sessions Schedule

Session Name CertNexus GIAC CompTIA
A+ DataSys+ Network+ Security+ Lunux+ Cloud+
Air Mobility Command: Cyber Today and Tomorrow  
Artificial Intelligence's (AI) Impact on Ensuring Privacy Stays Secure
Beyond Prevention: The Strategic Role of Recovery in Cyber Defense
Cybersecurity and Socio-structural Entanglement in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Cybersecurity Resources and Updates for Contractors
Dynamic Risk Management
How Digital Transformation is solving Critical Supply Chain Problems  
Poison AI and the U.S. Imperative to Control the AI Supply Chain
Preparing for CMMC: Top Tips, Strategies, & Insights from Initial JSVAP Assessments
Safeguarding the Electromagnetic Spectrum: Security Considerations for 5G Networks on the Modern Battlefield            
SBOM Without Risk Management is Just Another List  
Securing the Future: How Cyber Threat Model Validation Enhances AI Defense Systems
Striking the Balance: The Art of Automating Security Vulnerability Remediation
What are Generative AIs, and How Can we use them for Good?              
Zero Trust - Operational Access Control (ZT-OAC)  

Formal documentation will be provided by email from to AFCEA Members Only. To ensure correct documentation of session attendance, be sure to arrive on time, stay for the entire session and get your event badge scanned at the close of each session.

Additional credits for CompTIA are being reviewed and will updated here upon approval.

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CompTIA allows individuals to keep their skills current and many of their certifications up to date without retesting by participation in CEU-qualified training activities. For details on CompTIA Continuing Education Program FAQs, click here.

AFCEA members can receive up to a 15% discount on Certification Vouchers at


Candidates who successfully pass the CyberSec First Responder™ exam will have 3 years from the date of certification to re-certify. Candidates will have 2 options between which to choose:

  • Retake the most recent version of the exam before their certification expires.
  • Earn and submit enough continuing education credits (CECs) to re-certify without retaking the exam.

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Each GIAC certification remains valid for 4 years. Two years after certification the renewal process will begin, and individuals must maintain their credentials through Continuing Professional Experience (CPE). For details, click here. You may also email


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September 13-14, 2023

Regency Conference Center
O'Fallon, IL